Mama Kan's Story

Delicious Living

Our low carb master is none other than Mama Kan! Concerned about the health of her loved ones, she took on the challenge to put a healthy spin on sweet treats. After lots of research and countless trials, Mama Kan perfected her low-carb, sugar-free recipes and we can’t stop asking for more. 

We hate to be selfish, so here’s us sharing these guilt-free alternatives with you. 

Whether you’re vegan, lactose intolerant, on a diet, or just someone who appreciates baked goods, you’re in for a treat—a healthy one! 

Healthy Loaf of Bread
Baking Dough

We have taken our irresistible family recipes and revolutionised it. After many, many, (MANY) trials the first low carb bread was born! But wait, how could my lactose intolerant, protein loving husband or vegan friends enjoy the treats? We’ve made options available for different types of dietary need.

We Put your Health & Nutrition at the Heart of Our Business
With diabetes and obesity becoming the fastest growing health threats, stressful lifestyles are causing more people to develop intolerances and require special diets; it only seems natural for us to come up with something that even those with special dietary requirements or health-conscious individuals like us can enjoy, without compromise and fits with the hectic city lifestyle !

Traditional Bread Wrapped in Paper



We label our products simply so you can make informed choices. Only plain facts, no big words to mislead you. 


A true duty of care and desire to deliver a product that is fit for you


We only use high quality ingredients in our products, ingredients that we’d feed our own family with.